Barrington Single Winder – Shadow Black

The flagship Barrington Single Watch Winder is both compact and stylish with all the practical features you would expect from a high end watch winder. The specific details of this winder are:

  • Measures just 11cm x 11cm x 15cm
  • Can be operated either by AC mains or two AA batteries.
  • Ultra-quiet Japanese moto
  • Multiple rotation settings: clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating
  • Multiple Turns Per day (TPD) settings from 650, 750, 900 or 1,000 to suit any weight of watch
  • Adjustable cushion is suitable for watches with a strap/bracelet circumference of 20.5cm to 24cm (for watches with a smaller band see our Small Cushion winder here)
  • LED light when operating
  • Comes with British 3 pin power adapter as standard (European or US available on request)

How does it work?

This winder operates on a basis of gentle rotation to wind watches. Older generation Watch Winders were programmed to be always on (i.e. rotating without a pause) in an effort to wind the watch as quickly as possible. This can lead to over-winding of a watch and potential damage to the main spring. Gentle rotation ensures a consistent movement over a longer period of time that won’t over-wind your watch.

When initially turned on the rotor turns for 1 minute before pausing. The length of the pause is determined by the Turns Per Day setting (a lower TPD setting will mean a longer pause and vice versa) and once it is completed the rotor turns again for just 1 minute. This cycle continues silently for 12 hours, then rests for 12 hours, before beginning again and so on until the winder is turned off.

If the Direction setting is set to clockwise then the rotor will always rotate in a Clockwise manner; the same principle applies if the Direction setting is set to Anti-Clockwise. However, if the Direction setting is set to the third setting, Alternately Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise, the first 1 minute rotation will be Clockwise, the next 1 minute rotation will be Anti-Clockwise and so on, ensuring your watch gets a balanced, yet gentle, rotation.

Should you have any questions about purchasing your winder, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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