Provisional Listing – Collector Condition 1998/99 (A Serial) Rolex Daytona Zenith Movement Full Set

The Overview

We have just taken in one of the most desirable watches in the World, the Rolex Daytona 16520 with a Zenith movement.

The first batch of automatic Daytona watches housed the Rolex Caliber 4030, which was based on the El-Primero Caliber 400 by Zenith. Caliber 400 was, in fact, a resurrection (brought back in 1985) of the pioneering Zenith El-Primero Cal. 3019PHC made from 1969-1975.

The Caliber 4030 uses a lateral clutch chronograph system and has a 54-hour power reserve. Zenith Daytona watches have five-digit reference numbers (165xx) and were produced from 1988 until 2000.

This model was made in 1998/99 – A Serial) and is being checked over by our watchmaker after a full service and very soft polish to remove minor surface scratches. In terms of provenance we bought it from the original owner (an ex-Managing Director of a major watch brand) and he kept everything:

  • The Rolex punched papers
  • The Rolex brochure and chronometer chip
  • The Rolex wallet
  • The original Rolex box with the correct 16520 sticker on the side and showing the price at £3,120…..

The watch will be available towards the end of November.

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